Application of Tilt Sensor in Hydraulic Tipping and Unloading Machine

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Application of Tilt Sensor in Hydraulic Tipping and Unloading Machine

Сообщение Christina » 21 ноя 2023, 07:58

[]Tilt sensors[] can be used in hydraulic tipping and unloading machine, you know?
The hydraulic tipping machine is a kind of unloading device which can automatically unload the bulk material by turning the semi-mounted truck over or over. The large mechanical equipment used to unload the railway open car, the machinery that can flip or tilt the rail vehicle to achieve discharge, is mostly used in the port with a large traffic volume and the industrial sectors such as metallurgy, coal, and thermal power. It is also used under the mine, but mostly for small tipper; Bulk materials mainly refer to grain, feed, cement, coal, ore, mineral powder and so on. This unloading machine is widely used in grain stations, feed mills, warehousing, ports, mines, chemical industry, iron and steel factories and other enterprises. Suitable for high temperature, dust and other places. High efficiency, save manpower.
The hydraulic control valve is load-sensitive proportional multi-way valve. The speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the process of dumping grain over the plate can be controlled, and there is no power output when there is no action. Compact structure, modular, easy to replace. P, Q follow function.
The electronic control part is controlled by PLC, equipped with a touch screen to realize the monitoring and control mode switch of the system, with remote control operation, the control part is simple, the use of [ ... ensor.html]ER-TS-4150VO tilt sensor[ ... ensor.html] to automatically level, anti-tilt, to achieve automatic correction function, leveling accuracy up to +0.1°, when the tilt of the horizontal direction of the flip plate can be automatically corrected;
The limit switch of the unloading machine has the function of travel limit, safety lock and manual playback. In the event of power failure or misoperation, the equipment will be locked in the current position to prevent the danger caused by misoperation. However, whether the limit switch is installed in the correct position and deformed, long-term use will have mechanical damage, and the angle sensor can be used to ensure that the angle is determined, which can ensure the accuracy of the angle to check whether there is a large amount of ash accumulation between the drive gear and the rotary support rod.
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